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Dream, The (10)

Malcolm Elsworth, John Tyrrell

Mojinos Escozios

Also known as David Big Band, Humarea, Il TImo, Kinkiss, La Coral Bajillas, Los Asaúra, Los Podríos Por Dentro, Los Superchingones, Los Vueltos Despaldas, Mojinos Escocios, Mojinos Escozíos

Dan Carey & Massimo Bonaddio

Also known as Mr Dan & Massimo, Mr.Dan & Massimo

Kid Loops & Per Dub



Well 'Ard

Also known as Reckless, Well Ard, Well Ard!, Well Ardi, Well-Ard

DJ Blatant & The Master Programmer


Steve Moore & Justin O'Neale

Gio Brembilla

Techno Fixx

Hank The Knife & The Crazy Cats


Åge Aleksandersen Og Sambandet

Also known as Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen M/Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen Med Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen, Sambandet, Sambandet

Graham Luckhurst

Roy Frederick Budd

Also known as Budd, R. Budd, R.Budd, Rod Budd, Roy Frederick Budd

Paul Santana

Border Patrol (3)

Arcade (4)

Otis Waygood

Also known as Otis Waygood Band, Otis Waygood Blues Band, The

Toncho Pilatos

Three Souls In My Mind

Los Gatos


Also known as Greenwood Studio, Groenwood

Stephen Jones & Rick Simmonds

René Pawlowitz

Philip David Charles Collins

Also known as フィル・コリンズ, Colins, Collins, Collins, Phil, Collins/Charles, F. Collins, Fhill Collins, Me, P C, P Collins, P. C.

Kodek (2)

Dauby Talles

Peter Van Hoesen

Paul John Colbourne

Also known as Amir Mojarrad, Harri K, Harry K, HARRY-K

Mark Wernhen, Paul Thomson, Ian McGregor & Steve Appleton.

Jan Warnstam

Alejandro Medina

Also known as A. Medina, Aledina Mejandro, Alejandro, Medina

Go! Team, The

Also known as Go ! Team, The, Go !Team, The, Go Team, The, Go! Team

Peter Gofton

Also known as J Xaverre, J-Xaverre

Ollie Jacob

Billy Pollard

Nick Carter, Phil Creswick


Shawn James Seymour, Yoshimi Seymour

Trigger & DJ Coma

Lee Parker & Chuck Boyle

Kozaburo Narita

Also known as ソニック ドラゴルゴ, Robot Dragolgo, Sonic Doragolgo, Soniq Doragolgo

Platero Y Tu

Les Adams (2)

A Foot In Coldwater

Intoxicate (2)

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