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Downliners Sect

Also known as Dowliners Sect, The, Downliner's Sect, The, Downliners Sect, The

Christoph Fringeli

Also known as CF, Christoph Fringelli, Christoqh Fringeli, Fringeli

Karl-Axel Bengtsson

Cosmic Conspiracy


Lawrence Hayward

Andrew S. Pratt

Also known as A. Pratt, Pratt

Mark Radford

Gert-Jan Bijl, Dirk Jan Hanegraaff

Incredible Funk Band, The

Johann Willenberg , Lawrence Huskinson

Also known as Yogi & Husky (Random Soul), Yogi And Husky

Jean-Sebastien Bernard & Pascal Esposito

Also known as Jess & Crabe, Jess And Crabbe, Jesse N Crabbe

Franck Roger

Also known as DJ Franck Roger, F. Roger, F.Roger, FR, Franck Rodger, Franck Rogers, Frank Roger

Doo Dew Kidz

Also known as Doo Dew, Doo Dew Kidz, The, Doo-Dew Kidz, Doo-Dew Kidz, The

Bassy, Jinx And Dexter Of Muwet

Matthew Kratz

Ronald Hall Jr

Also known as Da Real Dukeyman, Dukey Man, Dukeyman, Dukeyman, The, Supadukey

Helge Olav Øksendal

Crue-L Grand Orchestra

Also known as Crue L Grand Orchestra, Cruel Grand Orchestra, The

Saico Tsukamoto

Miklós Felkai

Also known as F. F. Miki, F. F. Miki (Felkai Miklós), Felkai F. F. Miklós, Felkai F.F. Miki, Felkai F.F. Miklós, Felkai Jam, Felkai M.



Alex Calver & Will Bailey

Visionary Underground

Also known as Visionnary Underground, VU

Russ Gabriel

Also known as Gabriel, R. Gabriel, R.Gabriel

Glenn Frey

Also known as Г. Фрэй, Frey, G Frey, G. Fley, G. Frey, G. Grey, G. L. Frey, G.Frey, G.L.Frey, Glen Frey, Glenn

TOWA TEI (鄭東和, 정동화)

Also known as テイ$トウワ, テイ・トウワ, Chung, Chung Dong, D.J. Towa Towa, DJ Towa "Towa" Tei, DJ Towa Tei, Dong-Hwa Chung, Jungle D.j. Tohwa, Jungle D.J. Towa Towa, Jungle Dj Tohwa

Beefeaters (2)

Stars On 45

Also known as Звёзды 45, Estrellas Del "45", Estrellas Del ''45'', Estrellas Del 45, Estrellas En 45, More Stars, Star Sound, Stars On, Stars On 45 Vol. 2, Stars On 45's, Stars On 45, The

Mauro Serri

Also known as M. Serri, Mauro Serry

Paice Ashton & Lord

Also known as Lord & Paice, Paice Ashton Lord, Paice, Ashton, Lord, Paice; Ashton; Lord

David Beresford Grant

Also known as D Grant, D. Grant, D.Grant, David "Jaz" Grant, Grant

Mark Summers & Ben Howard

Johnny Loopz & DJ Adrian

Noel Pix

Also known as N. Pix, Noel Pixx, Pix

Coven (3)

Luscious Jackson

Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, Simon LeBon, Warren Cuccurullo

Also known as (Duran Duran), デュラン・デュラン, Coconuts, D. Duran, DD, Duran - Duran, Duran Drn, Duran Дюран, Duran-Duran, Duran/Duran, Duran•Duran

David Carr

David Robert Hayward Stenton Jones

Also known as 'The Actor', Bowie, Bowie!, Bowie, David, D Bowie, D. Bowie, D.B., D.Bowie, David, David B., David Bovie

Mpho Skeef

Also known as M'pho, M. Skeef, Mpho, Mpho L, Mpho McKenzie, Mpho-Skeef, Mpo Skeef, Skeef

Oscar Cerda

Oliver Mally

Also known as "Sir" Oliver Mally, Mally

"Sir" Oliver Mally's Blues Distillery

Jacob Otten

Beat Milk Jugs


Toshiyuki Shibayama

Jeff Alderson

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