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Guy Forsyth

Christopher Lafata

Also known as GC, Gold Chains With Sue Cie, Goldchains

Dukes Of Disco

Davide Arcoleo


Also known as Sheiks, The, Sheiks, The (5)


Rudy Palos

Richie Sullivan

Frank Lauridsen

Also known as Frank, Frank Lauritsen, Frank Lauritzen, Lauridsen

André Indiana


Timo Maas

Also known as DJ Timo Maas, Maas, Maas, Timo, Mass, T. Maas, T. Mass, T.Maas, Timmo Mass, Timo, Timo Mars, Timo Mas

Honey Culture

Dave Shayman


Also known as D-Funk, DFunk

Matadors, The (2)

Also known as Broadway Matadors, The, Die Matadors, Matadors, Steve Canning & The Matadors, Steve Cunnings And The Matadords



David Lavaysse

Tara King Th.

Also known as Tara King Th, Tara King Theory, TKth.


DJ Emma (2)

Also known as D.i.Y. DJ Emma, DiY Emma, Emma, Emma (DIY), Real Emma, The

Blame & Justice

Also known as Blame and Justice, Justice & Blame

Stéphane Pompougnac

Also known as Pompognac, Pompougnac, S. Pompougnac, S.Pompougnac, Steeéphane Pompougnac, Stephan Pompanac, Stephane Pomougna, Stephane Pompougnac, Stephane Pompougnuac



Nick DeSimone

Also known as Nico, Nicodemus, Nikodemus

Tuh Pa Warez

Dave Villegas

Golden Animals

Awesome (2)


Megan Ashley Rudloff

Also known as Megan Ashley, MugZy, MugZy McCauley

Trophy Scars

Difuzion Krew

Harvey Mandel

Also known as A.Kesh, H. Mandel, H.Mandel, Harvey "Die Schlange" Mandel, Harvey "The Snake" Mandel, Mandel, Mystery Guest

Powerhouse (13)

Lance Ferguson

Eberhard Hartenstein

Lavinia Jones

Harmony Ambulance, The

Yoshika (よしか) & Tsugumi (つぐみ) Sawayama

Jason Cambridge

Roman Dobichin

Dr. Brown (2)

Sadistic Mika Band

Also known as サディスティック・ミカ・バンド, Sadistic Mica Band, Sadistic Mikaela Band

Bruce Hampton

Also known as B. Hampton, Bruce, Bruce C. Hampton, Col. Bruce Hampton, Colonel Bruce Hampton, Hampton B. Coles (Ret.), Mr. Coles

Lars Sandberg

Also known as D'Void, Funk D Void, Funk D"Void, Funk D' Void, Funk D*Void, Funk Da Void, Funk D‘ Void, Funk Dvoid, Funkd'Void

Scratch Band, The

Stéphane Obrecht & Johan Coal

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